With hundreds of Subaru retailers in attendance, the Virtual Photo Booth is being featured as a new photo sharing solution at the Subaru Annual Retailer Conference. Attendees will experience the Virtual Photo Booth first-hand in the “Critter Coral” where they can take branded photos with adoptable pets to promote Subaru’s Love Promise campaign. The Virtual Photo Booth is an effective and affordable solution that Subaru retailers can activate for their local Love Promise events.
About Mobilize Solutions, LLC: Virtual Photo Booth is a mobile app developed by Mobilize Solutions based in Irvine, California. The company was formed in 2013 and produces innovative apps that help businesses and events engage customers in a new way. Customer Generated Marketing is an impactful and cost effective way to increase awareness and drive new traffic. To learn more visit www.mobilize.solutions


Marshrae Harris
Mobilize Solutions

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