Social Media + Custom Filters + Link to Your Fundraising Site =

   Increase Awareness

The virtual Photo Booth is a great way to get your community to engage in a new way.


   Easy and Fun to Use

Your cause will get exposure all over social media.


   Raise Money

Add a link to each post that directs your supporters to your own fundraising page.

How it Works

1. Download the FREE app from the app store.


2. Use the app to take photos.

3. Add filters to your photos.

4. Share with your friends on social media.

Q: Why should you use
photo fundraising?

A: 55% of people who engaged with charities via social
media were inspired to take further action, such as
donate, volunteer, sign a petition or attend an event.*

  • Connects your to your clients’ network
  • Results can be measured
  • Customized to your specific goals
*(Nonprofit Tech for Good. “14 Must-Know Stats About Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology.”
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Receive great data to show that your virtual photo booth is working!

At the end of your event, we provide a detailed report including:

  • ✔ Number of check-ins
  • ✔ Number of shares
  • ✔ Number of web inquiries
  • ✔ Impressions made by channel
  • ✔ Performance by sales representative
  • ✔ Sample photos and posts
“GoldCamera is the perfect app to promote your event to those who couldn’t attend. By igniting friends on social media, we were able to raise an additional $600.00 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. That’s awesome!”

Amy Kelly - Committee Chair, St. Baldrick's

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